Supertaster Kids research kitchen compiles delicious, whole food recipes that are

 Taste tested & rated by a panel of children.


✭ Tips and Methods to Get Your Kids to Eat more Healthy Fruits & Vegetables 

✭ 10 “Secret” Healthy Habits of Supertaster Kids               

✭ Color Photos of each recipe

 Supertaster Kids cookbook website provides delicious, whole food recipes for kids, which have been customized to appeal to the sensitive palettes of fussy eaters.  Each recipe is taste tested by a panel of children and rated with a one to five star rating system. We offer tips & methods collected from parents of fussy eaters who have found ways to promote healthier eating habits within their households, 10 “Secret” Healthy Habits, and color photos of each recipe.

Nothing is more frustrating for the home cook than, deciding to prepare a new recipe from a cookbook, taking time to purchase ingredients, chopping, measuring, and laboring over the stove, just to have your kids turn up their noses and say, “Eww, gross!  I’m not eating that!”  All that effort on the part of the family chef, and their only reward is disappointing failure.  It is no surprise that many parents throw in the towel on home cooked meals, and opt to buy fast food or pre-cooked convenience foods several times a week.  Parents are willing to make tremendous efforts to feed their children properly with home cooked meals, but only if there is some hope that the kids will actually eat it.  Parents need healthy recipes that are tested and rated by a panel of children with delicate palettes, not adult food critics and fancy tv chefs.  If a large group of fussy eaters approve of the recipes in this book, then the odds of your child giving it a try improves significantly.

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